Marion Beasley Silhouettes and Portraits
NONE of the works done by Marion Beasley I've seen are from the 19th century. They are all 20th century. There is one in the collection of Winterthur Museum. You could just google ["marion beasley" winterthur]. They attribute this crap to  "W. H. BROWN" and lists "Marion Beasley/ Charleston, S.C./ 1845" as its title. They also add, "Place of Origin: Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, South, United States, North America; Date: 1845; Materials: Paper (wove) Ink, Wash; Object Number: 2003.0013.047 A."
That all sound so legit. Nobody will question the Winterthur, right? People will see this work and probably say, "Wow, this work is so appealing, thanks to Winterthur we are able to appreciate this beauty." Nah, not me. I would say, "Who the heck is in charge over there, best start reading my blogs."
How about Bonham's auctions? Do you trust them? That's a big name. I guess they are good for something, but they ain't worth a XXXX when it comes to antique American silhouettes. They had a Marion Beasley, too, in a lot of eight.
You can just google ["marion beasley" bomhams] to see photos of all eight silhouettes, including the much coveted Marion Beasley. Someone who never reads my blogs paid $687 for them. So what's wrong with that? Nothing's wrong with that, except NONE OF THOSE EIGHT SILHOUETTES ARE GENUINE. This broken-down lot has been appearing on eBay lately. Someone just paid $178 for this Beasley (ex-Bonham's).
This seller writes:
Dated 1835 Charleston S.C. signed paper cut framed silhouette
Offered here without reserve is this delightful paper cut silhouette signed by Marion Beasley of Charleston South Carolina and dated May 9, 1835.  There are no apologies, so my pictures tell the whole sotre: Measurements are 5 1/2" x 4 1/2".
So, these fakes go from one place to another, and then to another, and to another and.... Sooner or later some of them end up in museum collections. Let's face it: museums have a lot of stuff, good stuff is mixed-in with the bad, the caretakers are knowledgeable and well-versed on many stuff. However, there are no experts there on antique American silhouettes. Some may think they are, but that's about it...they just THINK they are. It's the same with auction houses and the so-called "specialists." Auction houses never guarantee the authenticity of what they sell to begin with; they leave that up to the buyers.
 When it comes to antique American silhouettes, our blogs set the trend. We tell like it is. We are not afraid to speak the truth. We try to protect potential buyers of antique American silhouettes. BUT, if any of you had already purchased a fake silhouette, that's just tough luck. That is what you deserve for not reading our blogs. Laziness and the lack of curiousness gotcha!  

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