Flabbergasted! Todd's Patent Silhouette Brings $900

In a recent Hudson Valley Auctioneers' auction, a silhouette described as, "Todd patent silhouette, Mr. Elbridge Gerry (?) 1792. a medium sized silhouette minor water stain towards the top. Has the Todd patent imprint, dated 1792," brings $900 plus a buyer's fee of 20%.

They never claimed it to be an early 19th century silhouette. They simply described what they saw. In other words whoever bought it is stuck with it. There is no recourse. However,  if they had described it as being cut by ISAAC TODD, the buyer could possibly make a stink out of it. But then there are those "terms of sale" that make it impossible to renege out of the contract. I hope whoever bought this 20th century fake makes the best out of it and "hang" it proudly.

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